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Hello, universe. I’m writing this post to explain what I’m doing with this blog. 

To preface, my favorite part of a DVD is the special features- I love to see how they made the film. 

Also in comics my favorite part is the fan letters, and the variety cover designs and character sketches.

I enjoy watching behind the scenes. I love to dive into other artists process on how they built their ideas, played with ideas, scrapping ideas, and filtering everything out to create their published material.

I love drawing and writing. I’ve been wanting to make a visual narrative since 2006. I just never figured out how to get the words on the page.

I recently took a year to take online classes at The Second City training center in sketch writing, character developing and outlining. 

Each week I have to free write, read and do assignments then post them in the coursesites portal. Now that I’m finished with the classes, I thought a blog would be the best way to continue my journey.

Ive compared my 1 year writing journey to NASA. Its like the whole year I’ve been scrambling to get assignments done, pressure of reading and giving feedback and coming up with material. Is like the hustle of building a space shuttle. Then the day come where you have to shoot off into space, all the anticipation and excitement we have need waiting for. BOOM! Out into space. All alone. In a new frontier. That is how I feel as a writer.

I want to post each week on Sunday, thing I’ve been working on. I have a week by week plan of what I want to accomplish, ill post those in a new thread.

I thank you for reading about my journey, and hope to me some like minds!

Eric Yamamoto

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