Week 1 Rough Designs

Week 1

  • Pitch pilot to 3 people. Sol’s donuts. and start a Tumblr account. The blog’s theme will be on ‘My process as a writer/ Graphic storyteller.’
  • I want to track my writing and drawing process.
  • PITCH: “It’s a modern day cheers, and it takes place in a donut shop. the new and old generation teaching each other in today’s social climate..”
  • Begin exploring character designs for characters, have rough draft of each family member by end of week.


  1. Mr. Alfredo Sol – Dad, Husband, Donut shop owner getting ready to retire.
  2. Mrs. Cindy Sol – Mom, Wife, Donut shop finance officer, thrifty.
  3. Lupita – Oldest sister – artsy – not as pretty as Christina – Organized she is our main hero.
  4. Christina – Middle sister – hot tempered – beautiful – Idealist – Messy
  5. Ricardo –  Youngest son – Superficial – wants to be an actor – Charismatic

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