Week 1: Deadline – Character sketches

I’m already getting impatient with the process of making this comic.

I drew the faces of Al Sol, Cindy Sol, Lupita Sol, Christina and Ricardo.. actually i think i did what i said i was going to do.

I need to figure out what they will wear, and body language.

there are some flaws to my drawings, but i think it’s okay because there are flaws in all walks of life.

I’m intentionally drawing Lupita as your ‘not so average comicbook girl character.’ I want her to be more real and flawed.

I’m trying to draw Christina more Ideal and to the standard of ‘hot comic girl’

and i’m drawing Ricardo as Ideal ‘guy’ character.

If I draw Christina ‘hot’ and she isn’t ‘Hot’ then I want a character in the comic to comment on how she looks. It’ll be kinda be like ‘self-referential.’


Here are some images of the character’s I drew this week:

First up  is Alfredo Sol:


Next is Cindy Sol:


Lupita SOlSol_Lupita02.jpgSol_Lupita03.jpgLupita_02.jpg

Christina SOlChristina and Lupita.jpg

And Ricardo.Ricardo_01.jpgRicardo_03.jpg



This Upcoming week I’m going to focus on the regulars and the other shop owners as well as give out my outline to 3 people to read over and i’ll take their feedback!

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