Weekly Writing Goals

Week 1

Pitch pilot to 3 people. Sol’s donuts. and start a Tumblr account. The blog’s theme will be on ‘My process as a writer/ Graphic storyteller.’ Want to track my process on writing and visual narrative.

PITCH: “It’s a modern day cheers, and it takes place in a donut shop. the new and old generation teaching each other in today’s social climate..”

Begin exploring character designs for characters. finish rough of family by end of week.


Week 2.

Polish outline, making it readable. Then Send outline to 3 people I trust for feedback. Share each time i’m writing in my blog. Start to flesh drawing of supporting characters.  Freewrite

Week 3

Incorporate their thoughts and revise outline. Start Set design. Freewrite

Week 4 and week 5

Write 13 pages of Sol’s,  teaser and first act. 2 pages a day. Post on Tumblr. Thumbnail comic layout.

Week 6 and week 7

Write 12 pages 2nd act. and tag. Thumbnail comic layout.

Share on tumblr

Week 8/Week 9

Pencil / ink First 12 pages. Share on tumblr

Week 10/ 11

Pencil / ink first 12 pages. share on tumblr

Six months from now – i want to write a screenplay.

a year from now. i want to have an online presence, and have ‘terrible tuesday’ Quixote – adaptation – outlined.

five years from now: I want to have sent out my scripts, graphic novels and ideas in a hand crafted space capsule, to friend in the industry. and be on my way to direct film/tv.

10 years: to be living on mars writing my novel about the time i was on earth.

Was great meeting you all! much love and keep on telling stories!



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