Smaller Goals

I need to make smaller goals for this story. I was too ambitious with prior goals. I’m going to break down my goals into smaller pieces.

Weekly Writing Goals

Week 1 Pitch pilot to 3 people. Sol’s donuts. and start a Tumblr account. The blog’s theme will be on ‘My process as a writer/ Graphic storyteller.’ Want to track my process on writing and visual narrative. PITCH: “It’s a modern day cheers, and it takes place in a donut shop. the new and old […]

Week 1: Deadline – Character sketches

I’m already getting impatient with the process of making this comic. I drew the faces of Al Sol, Cindy Sol, Lupita Sol, Christina and Ricardo.. actually i think i did what i said i was going to do. I need to figure out what they will wear, and body language. there are some flaws to […]

Alfredo Sol

Alfredo Sol

Here are some designs of Alfredo Sol. As I was sketching, I was combining Fred Flintstone with American Dad and the older man from Princess and the Frog. I’m learning more about this character! Mr Sol is the straight man. he wants to retire and is practical and a worry-wart.

Blog Manifesto

This is the excerpt for your very first post.